Alejandro Marín analiza el estado de la música, la tecnología, la radio y la vida en la era de la internet. 


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Bilingual Podcast EP 78: Catalina Ceballos

By Alejandro Marin on diciembre 9, 2017

En Radiónica y Radio Nacional, Catalina le dio visibilidad a un medio netamente auditivo, que por ser público era aún más difícil de mostrar y lo logró. Ahora tiene como meta hacer memoria de la música pop en Colombia. Ha comenzado con hermosos proyectos audiovisuales: uno de ellos – el documental de la historia de Superlitio.

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Frases 2017

  • My wings are made up
    And so am I

    Moses Sumney

  • “I think that great music will transcend the medium in which it is delivered”.

    Moby sobre el MP3

  • “I was convinced that all of the people who live in that region could have rights; they should have property rights, a right to their religion, rights to self-determination. And I mean all of them, our jewish friends, palestinian and arab friends, they all should have equal rights.”

    Sobre Israel:

  • “If you can find something to do that is benign and also satisfying, you’re lucky”.

  • “I have derived huge benefit from other artists, either those I listen to, or if I’m going to watch their movies, or look at their paintings, or read their novels, particularly. I believe art is a worthy occupation, to express your desire to understand the great beauty of natural history by something like writing.”

  • “It’s so easy for any technological advance to be subverted by commerce. We see it all the time and we see it happening. There’s always someone greedy enough to stop advance in human knowledge.”

  • “I remember that Hans Keller in a TV interview said to Syd (Barrett): “But why does it have to so incredibly loud?!” And Syd looked at him like… “umm… We like it like that.”

    Sobre los extremos de Pink Floyd:

  • “The whole career of the Rolling Stones was based on Chuck Berry.”

  • Sgt. Pepper revolutionized everything, because that was the record where, I could be completely wrong about this, it seemed as if The Beatles were giving the rest of us permission to talk about our real feelings and our real lives. They introduced the kitchen sink to popular music. It was about real life it was what they had lived and what they’ve felt and that was very important.”

    Sobre The Beatles

  • “Clearly, the man is insane. When I routinely refer to him as a ‘nincompoop’, I do so advisedly because a nincompoop is a derivation of a diminution of ‘non compos mentis’, which means ‘not of sound mind’, which I believe him to be.

    Sobre Trump